The 4 Pillars

I. Physical health

First and foremost, we experience existence through the lens of our physical body.

Therefore, we need to start there. It is impossible to achieve balance and harmony within a body that is heavily intoxicated, inflamed, and poisoned.

Evi takes a detailed medical history from her patients with regards to their physical body and health. By paying attention to every little intricacy and parameter and leaving no stone unturned, she creates a complex map that reflects the patient’s physical state.

She then proceeds to lead her patients towards achieving detoxification by creating a unique and personalized supplementation and homeopathy therapy plan.


For patients that truly want to change their lives, giving up the toxic dietary habits that are common in the western world is a necessary step. Evi recommends eating only food that is anti-inflammatory and highly nutritious. She utilizes intermittent and prolonged fasting, vegetable juicing and takes a predominantly vegan approach but always creates a personalized dietary plan for her patients, which helps them achieve optimal gastrointestinal and gut health. Since the gut is the center of the body, fixing a patient’s leaky gut and restoring their gut microbiome are the main goals in this stage.


Movement is a necessary part of daily life and one of the pillars of health and wellness.

Regardless of someone’s age or physical state, there is always an exercise plan that can fit their needs. Moreover, it is completely unrealistic to speak about a stress management protocol that does not include exercise.

Breathwork, meditation and yoga

Meditation, mindfulness, breathwork and yoga comprise another pillar of health and wellness that Evi utilizes in her healing, whether that is on an individual level or in group therapy sessions. They are used to release trauma which is stored in the muscles, the joints, the fascias and even the bones.

II. Patient-therapist relationship

The relationship between the therapist and the patient is of utmost importance. Finding common ground through empathy, connection, and mirroring helps to heal the underlying trauma. Alignment between the therapist and the patient through breath drives the healing process forward and improves its results.

This is a unique and particular logic, which lies far from the conventional approach of psychoanalytic neutrality and distance, yet for Evi it is the only viable approach in achieving true healing.

Energy healing

Energy healing takes the patient-therapist relationship to the next level. At this stage, Evi utilizes and combines different techniques that she was taught in many places around the world. The commonality between all of them is the transfer of energy with the intention to heal.

Trauma work

In the realm of pain and fear, lies trauma – a silent killer that controls our decisions and lives. In this stage, after establishing a well-structured patient-therapist relationship, the patient must be ready to sink deeply into their trauma and face it. Within that hellish realm of pain and suffering, the trauma starts to break down and ceases to control the patient’s mind, decisions and life.

III. The ego point

The deconstruction of the ego. This is often the point where most give up the fight. In an age of widespread narcissism, even the sound of the word “ego” is unbearable and disrupts progress. But one must dare… The Western way of thinking and healing do not dare to touch the ego. Healers are afraid of their patients potentially acting out. Yet we must not be afraid. We have to be brave enough to take risks, to be authentic and to deconstruct the ultimate enemy of human creatures: the ego.

IV. Spirituality

The pinnacle of the healing process is when it allows for a connection with the whole; when the patient experiences a deep spiritual connection and comes in contact with the holy part of the self that remains untouched from any and all trauma. That is the point at which the patient can be freed from the unconscious patterns that are controlling their life and can begin to build a brighter tomorrow that is not influenced by their past.