About Me

Evi Papadokotsoli

A personal mentor

I have been wandering the paths of healing for many decades now.
I am a doctor.
I have always wanted to be a doctor.

I have worked and have been worked on through almost the entire spectrum of modern and ancient therapeutic techniques aimed to ease human suffering.

By drawing upon several different fields of science, such as epigenetics and quantum physics, the science of food and psychoendocrinology, various medical shamanic practices from Central and Latin America as well as from Chinese, Tibetan, Indian and even ancient Greek Hippocratic medicine, I designed and built a complex healing approach that goes far beyond the confines of a specific scientific discipline.

I envisioned human beings and existence as a whole, which led me to create my proprietary healing protocol – Soulful Medicine.

Evi Papadokotsoli has been trailing the paths of healing for many decades now.
She initially became a doctor after feeling the urge to understand the human body – this supreme creation through which all creatures experience existence. She fell deeply in love with knowledge, medicine, and academia. Soon enough, she started to love working with patients, coming closer to them by understanding their pain, recognizing their need for relief, and empathizing with them through therapy. Every step of the way called for her to take a deeper dive into her own understanding of human illness. Her specialty in General Surgery failed to fulfill her professional aspirations and to provide answers to some of her existential questions.
Therefore, Psychiatry became her main area of focus and one that she would commit herself to for many years to come.

She first set out to understand the structure of the psyche in some of its primary manifestations – juvenile, infantile, prenatal, and potentially even before that. To make sense of the succession of generations – a kind of collective subconscious.
Through this, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry became her secondary area of focus.
At the same time, she started her journey into Psychotherapy.
Through her Psychoanalysis training, she realized that for many years she herself had been struggling to find the answers. Only 27 years old at the time, she had no idea that this quest for answers never ends.

Once she recognized and reached the finitude of psychoanalysis, she turned towards the body.
After all, she had been an athlete herself her entire life, a long-distance runner – tirelessly chasing after herself in an endless quest for growth. Perhaps that is where she first experienced the power of interconnection between the physical and the mental and began to explore the unfathomable depths of the vessel that contains all sensations and feelings – the human body.
Somatic Psychotherapy started to pave a new path. It strengthened her realization that a purely mental or conceptual approach is merely an illusion which fails to even approximate the infinity of the truth.
What followed were group therapy for children, Gestalt workshops, dramatherapy, psychodrama, dance therapy, music therapy and substantial advances in her Somatic Psychotherapy techniques through the Biosynthesis method.
The founder and managing director of the Biosynthesis Institute in Greece, Ms. Lily Anagnostopoulou, was a guiding beam of light that shined brightly in times when the choice of a correct path seemed blurry.
Evi’s work at the Biosynthesis Institute brought her more in contact with the concept of trauma, helped her disassociate the concept of pain from merely pompous diagnoses and led her to the stark realization of the incredible inimitability of a creature’s – a physical body’s – an entire existence’s – suffering.

There, she received a postgraduate certificate as a licensed Therapist Supervisor.
She was also trained in the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) protocol.
At the same time, she obtained an International Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine and went on to teach homeopathy for many years at the Greek Homeopathic Medical Society, led by Vangelis Zafeiriou, who also is the Director of Education for the European Homeopathic Medical Society.
Through her holistic medicine exploration, she spent many years working on furthering her understanding of the gut-brain connection and the role of disrupted permeability of the intestinal mucosal barrier as well as the role of the gut microbiome in psychopathology.
She soon realized that everything she once anxiously learned by heart in medical school about mental illness diagnoses were merely words meant for communication between specialists and practitioners. The same is true for physical pathology – there is no single standalone case of cholecystitis, migraine, lumbago, or pneumonia. There is always a person, with their unique history and life trajectory and their current version of themselves. It is upon all of that that the specific symptoms begin to unfold and sometimes align collectively, forming what we call an illness.
In the early 2000s, she began her own journey into the world of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. This allowed her to add yet another invaluable therapeutic tool to her healing arsenal.

She started utilizing yoga in therapy in order to relieve her patients’ trauma and to help them achieve higher levels of self-awareness. 

In 2024, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali, led by world renowned yoga teachers, Byron De Marse and Paul Teodo.

Evi defines therapy as a unique spiritual path full of gratitude, peace, love, and an unwavering faith in the supreme miracle of creatures and their existence.
Being a dreamer herself, she tries to not only bring relief to her patients’ symptoms but to also create other dreamers, who will contribute to and be part of a new world. A beautiful world, one without abuse and pain, but instead full of love and light.
Nowadays, she travels extensively and lives between New York City, Mexico, Bali and Greece. She organizes medical retreats, studies new theories and healing techniques and helps people in more than 20 countries find their way back to themselves. She is happily married and blessed to be the mother of an incredible son, who also continues paving along her path.